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    No One Loves us Unconditionally Like Our Pets

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In Memoriam

German Shepherd Dog Sticking Head Out Driving Car Window


I don't know what to do with those tossed salads & scrambled eggs.

Child is kissing a cat

Jinxie Cat

Jinxie cat, Jinxie cat where are you? I'll miss you!

Old Basset Hound sitting and looking at the camera


Always had fun with you chasin' down them Duke boys!

beautiful tricolor cat

Mr Bigglesworth

He was a grumpy cat, but a good one. He will be missed!

Sheepdog brie


Gonna miss you boy!

Golden Retriever Sleeping with a Toy

When the time comes…

Caring for our loving pets is a responsibility we accept because of the unconditional love we receive from them every day. At Entrusted Pets, Inc., by Messinger Mortuaries, our caring and sympathetic staff are dedicated to giving you and your beloved pet exceptional care during your final farewell. Entrusting someone with the responsibility to care
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